FIAC 2019 - Performance by Fanny Adler & Vincent Madame

FIAC 2019 - Performance by Fanny Adler & Vincent Madame

Fanny Adler, Pétrichor Amor, 2019
Fanny Adler, Pétrichor Amor, 2019

Once again this year d.c.a is thrilled to team up with FIAC to present Pétrichor Amor, a performance by artists Fanny Adler and Vincent Madame. Reflecting the prospective, influential role of contemporary art centres, the performance presented by d.c.a on the occasion of the Parades for FIAC festival gives pride of place to a work recently produced by one of the contemporary art centres belonging to the d.c.a network.

“What if our desires and bodies drew us towards the back of a cave or the foot of a tree instead of into the city lights? Through a phantasmagorical work from a world that turns its back on anthropocentrism, Pétrichor Amor will attempt symbiosis, a big mineral and erotic parade, cries and songs of love. Pétrichor sounds like a pagan myth. But we all know the smell of the blood of stones, it is the smell of warm asphalt after rainfall, a downpour on the pebbles, a drizzle on the August moor.”

Since 2007, Fanny Adler and Vincent Madame (both born in 1974) have been collaboratively conceiving vocal performances that they define as sung, rhythmic, musical landscapes. Through song, they explore stylistic motifs borrowed from literature and popular culture, revisiting Bernard-Marie Koltès, Jean Genet, Pierre Gicquel, Henri Michaux, Guillaume Apollinaire, Robert Kramer, Pop Songs.



Pétrichor Amor
Performance by Fanny Adler & Vincent Madame
35' Voice and sound piece 2019
Pétrichor Amor is a production of the Centre d’art contemporain d’Ivry - le Crédac

Saturday 19 October, 6pm
Petit Palais – Auditorium
Free admission, places subject to availability


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