FIAC 2012 - Panel Discussion

FIAC 2012 - Panel Discussion

In Europe’s art ecosystem

An analysis of the role of art centres at the heart of the production and dissemination network


d.c.a / the French association for the development of art centres organizes for the second time a round-table discussion that will gather specialists of the contemporary art field about the role of art centres in the Europe’s art ecosystem.

Art centres are a means of  production and visibility, primarily for artists, but also for the public. Art centres are not simply for displaying artwork or defined in terms of square metres. They are places for artistic research, experimentation, intellectual, critical and technical accompaniment and transmission, supported by professional teams. It is essential to defend the role played by art centres in the setting up of networks for artistic distribution on a European level as it is not adequately developed, analysed and valued.

How would a museum collection be formed today if by chance the network of European art centres disappeared? What would the challenges be for an artistic community without a peripheral and local venue? Lastly, how does the economic crisis threaten the art ecosystem?

Initiated by d.c.a / a French association for the development of art centres, this round table proposes studying, through speeches by French and foreign key figures, the essential role that art centres should be able to continue to play with regard to dissemination throughout the network.