Missions & Objectives

Missions & Objectives


A National Network


Founded in 1992, d.c.a is a national network that unites 51 contemporary art centres from all over France, working to increase the national and international visibility of these organisations. Contemporary art centres are dedicated to producing works and exhibitions, and mediating them by favouring a sensory experience and an understanding of the works. For over thirty years, contemporary art centres have been helping build and promote the french and international contemporary art scene.

With 1.6 million visitors (including 200,000 schoolchildren), 2,000 exhibited artists and 1,000 produced works each year, the contemporary art centres are dynamic and innovative organisations recognised in France and abroad.


Our Missions


d.c.a’s mission is to unite France’s contemporary art centres in order to:

  • Facilitate access to contemporary art and contribute to raising the standing of the French art scene with audiences in France and abroad.
  • Increase the national and international visibility of the specific work of the art centres by organising events in France and abroad (forums, lectures, meetings, exhibitions, events, publications, digital projects, etc.)
  • Boost the mobility of artists and contemporary art professionals by fostering international artistic and cultural cooperation with other networks and contemporary art organisations, particularly by forming a European network of contemporary art creation and distribution institutions
  • Reinforce the development of the contemporary art centres, by making it easier for the network’s members to exchange information and experience, and create shared projects
  • Help structure the visual arts sector and develop professional training in collaboration with the sector’s other professional organisations.
  • Respond to the requests it receives for expertise and advice


Our Objectives


In this spirit, d.c.a’s missions are part of a broader set of objectives defined in consultation with the Ministry of Culture, with the aim of:

  • Encouraging innovation and diversity in art
  • Providing solid economic and professional foundations for the creation of art
  • Increasing public attendance at cultural venues throughout the country
  • Circulating artworks and artistic productions in France and abroad


Current exhibitions

Pavillon Blanc Henri Molina / Centre d'art
Du 19 mars au 20 août 2022
Le 19 CRAC - Centre régional d'art contemporain
Du 20 mai au 21 août 2022
La Criée Centre d'art contemporain
Du 21 mai au 28 août 2022
Centre National d'Art Contemporain de la Villa Arson
Du 12 juin au 28 août 2022
3 bis f - Centre d'arts contemporains d’intérêt national
Du 21 mai au 28 août 2022
Le Carré - Centre d'art contemporain du Pays de Château-Gontier
Du 21 mai au 28 août 2022
Centre National d'Art Contemporain de la Villa Arson
Du 15 mai au 28 août 2022
Centre National d'Art Contemporain de la Villa Arson
Du 15 mai au 28 août 2022
La Cuisine, centre d'art et de design
Du 9 juillet au 31 août 2022